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The specific political environment related to BREXIT and the emerging on the horizon difficulties before the Great Britain’s businesses prompt the approach of a peculiar period for the businesses.  

Yet, there is a solution! Apart from preserving the Great Britain’s businesses’ positions in Europe, it will even contribute to the profit enhancement due to the lower tax rates and salaries.


We, from Start-up Bulgaria ltd, consider this fully feasible through the creation of a new firm in Bulgaria (Bulgaria is a member state of the European Union).

Why should you shift your business to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is an European country enjoying concessions and subsidies from the European Union. The corporate tax in Bulgaria is only 10%, yes, that’s right – 10% tax rate, flat income tax!

The net average wage is EUR 500 Евро, for which the business owes EUR 265 to the state, the total expense for the business per month is EUR 765. Yes, the qualified employees in the big cities have average net wage of EUR 1000, which means that the business has a total expense towards the employee and the state of EUR 1532.

These are only two figures, but these figures are an alternative for your business. On the one hand stand the approaching restraints related to BREXIT and on the other hand stands the alternative for business in a tax heaven.

Startup Bulgaria ltd.

We, Start-up Bulgaria ltd., have successfully realized projects on the creation of businesses in Bulgaria. We have three major projects behind us – setting up a commercial company, which realized coal import during the energy crisis in the country; start-up and management of a shipping agency, operating two ships; start-up of an airline company with two Boeing airplanes, as well as, a multitude of small, local projects.

What does Start-up Bulgaria ltd offer?


A new registered company which you will acquire even on your first arrival in Bulgaria, intermediation upon renting/purchase of an office, equipping your office, putting in place all the necessary communications, intermediation upon personnel selection, receipt of all the necessary permits and licenses for exercising the activity, compiling of a list with reliable local suppliers and execution of contracts with them. Following the official company inauguration, we can provide financial and operational control, as well as management of the local unit.  

We, from Start-up Bulgaria ltd, have working models built up, completely complying with the European regulations via which you remain the exclusive owner of your assets, despite that you operate them from Bulgaria and pay taxes here. In this way, we exclude any possibility of embarrassment in our clients. We, Start-up Bulgaria ltd, offer an overall, short-term solution for an economically viable business, which you receive at a stage allowing to start-up your operative activity upon entering the office. 

For more information, please visit our website at: https://start-up.bg/
e-mail: office@start-up.bg